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This is the most commonly asked question! I want you to be as comfortable as possible during your session, so wear clothes that are seasonably appropriate and will allow you to move around comfortably. I’m giving a few simple guidelines, but if you need any help deciding what to wear, please feel free to call or email me for advice. You’re also more than welcome to email or text me outfits that you’re thinking and I’m happy to help!

www-heathertaylorphoto-com-heather-taylor-photography-what to wear- sacramento-roseville-rocklin-granite-bay-folsom-baby-newborn-child-kids-maternity-senior-family-photographer_0929Families/Groups: If you’re participating in a couple, family, or group photo session, I recommend that everyone wear complimentary, but not necessarily matching colors. Some ideas for coming up with a color combination:

-Think about the colors in your house and where you’ll be hanging/displaying the photos.

www-heathertaylorphoto-com-heather-taylor-photography-what to wear- sacramento-roseville-rocklin-granite-bay-folsom-baby-newborn-child-kids-maternity-senior-family-photographer_09230

-Pick your favorite color combinations- pink/brown, blue/green, black/white, brown/white, red/black, yellow/blue, etc. -Start with the person in the family that’s the hardest to find clothes for that look good and fit well. Find them something that works well and then build everyone else’s outfits around them.

-You can pick the same color “family” such as neutrals, jewel tones, bright & bold, etc.

-Pick a base color that everyone will have a bit of in their outfit, and then accent with complimentary colors. A good base color is brown, and then you can add in blue, green, pink, etc. Black also works well as a base color.

www-heathertaylorphoto-com-heather-taylor-photography-what to wear-sacramento-roseville-rocklin-granite-bay-folsom-baby-newborn-child-kids-maternity-senior-family-photographer_0930

-Go with colors that will compliment well with the photo location- feel free to ask me if you have questions. A few other tips… -Please avoid plain white tops because they tend to wash out and aren’t very slimming. -Please stay away from large logos.

-Layers work great! Add in a scarf, cardigan, vest, or other layer. -Clothing with texture (sweaters, jeans, corduroy, etc) photograph really well. -For the girls, lip gloss is a great, simple addition to your look. -Please also consider your sock/shoe selections. Sometimes this detail is overlooked until the last minute, and proves to be distracting in your photos. Bare feet work great for photos and provide a fun touch!

Heather Taylor Photography is a custom, on-location portrait photographer serving the Roseville, Rocklin, and Sacramento California areas.  She specializes in family, senior, child, maternity, baby, and newborn sessions.  She books a limited number of sessions per month, so please contact her soon if you’d like to schedule your own portrait session!

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